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Become a Smile Maker by providing supplies that keep Bright Smiles running. Contact us if you are interested in donating. 

Bright Smiles provides access to preventative oral hygiene care by bringing state-of-the-art portable dental equipment right into schools. 

Make a Difference

Your donation allows Bright Smiles to provide preventative dental care that reduces the severity and frequency of oral disease, which leads to improved overall physical and psychological health. We are in need of everything from office supplies to fluoride. Contact us today if you have anything you would like to donate. 

Through Bright Smiles more than 15,000 children have received  affordable, high-quality, preventative dental care, providing the market equivalent of $4 million dollars in care for children.

Dental and Office Supplies Needed

Dental Supplies

  • Dri-Angles Cotton Roll Substitute Plain Large 320/Bx             

  • Dri-Angles Cotton Roll Substitute Plain Small 400/Bx           

  • Souffle Cup Pleated Paper 1 oz White 250/Bx           

  • Essentials Bib 13 in x 18 in 2 Ply Lavender 500/Ca         

  • HSI Tray Cover 8.5 in x 12.25  Disposable 1000/Ca                                   

  • Essentials Saliva Ejectors White White Tip 250/Bg         

  • Sani-Treet Green Cleaner Liquid UD Lemongrass (suction cleaner)box/50           

  • Seal-Tight Air / Water Tip Bulk Refill Assorted 1500/Bx        

  • Avagard D Antiseptic Gel Hand Sanitizer 500 mL Frgrnc Fr 500ml           

  • SmartLite Focus Curing Light Sleeve f/ Pn LED Cure Light  300/Bx           

  • Sani-Cloth Plus Disinfectant Wipes Large 160/Pk           

  • BluTab Waterline Tablets Bottle 750 mL 50/Bx                       

  • CitriSil Shock Tablets 10/Pk           

  • Mirror Disposable 200/Bx           

  • I-PAK (disposable mirror and explorer) pkg/50                                                     

  • Pumice Medium 5lb/Ea         

  • Pumice cups (disposable ketchup cups)

  • Checking Pencils Red/Blue 12/Bx     

  • ProFluorid Varnish Fluoride Single Dose 5% NaF 10 mL Melon Ea         

  • Ultrabrush 2.0 Bndbl Aplctr Brushes Rfl Pkg Reg Ylw/Grn 200/Bx         

  •  Or per package of fluoride with brush                                                    

  • Delton EZ Tips Syringe Tip Applicator Universal 100/Pk        

  • Clinpro Pit & Fissure Sealant 1.2 mL Refill Syringe Self Cure Ea        

  • Etch Royale Etching Gel Dark Blue 25 mL Jumbo Syringe Refill Ea     

  • Spira-Flo Brush Tips Red Refill 100/Pk         

  • Medium gloves                                                                                         

  • Small gloves                                                                                             

Office Supplies

  • White paper

  • Envelopes

  • Stamps

  • Toner and ink

  • Colored paper



Extras for Goodie Bags

  • Pencils, timer for brushing, toothbrushes and toothpaste, stickers, anything else a child could use at home that we could give them.  Looking for 6,000 items

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