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Markquart Gives Back $10,000 Restore Smiles.Prevent Decay.

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

Hello friends!

Please consider voting for Bright Smiles for this year’s Markquart Gives Back. The top 5 organizations will each receive $10,000!! 

Voting only takes a couple seconds and it could make a huge impact on our organization.

Vote for Bright Smiles at

How to vote for Bright Smile:
Go to their website and put in your name and email and then go to the bottom of the list and click OTHER. Than type in Bright Smiles and Submit. It only takes a second to vote.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Hope you share my post and see how many votes we can get!!

You can vote 2 times with 2 different emails.  Per person. 

Hurry voting ends Dec 14, 2018!

Think of the children you can be helping in your community. We see many children in dental pain that needs help.
This is one way you can help! Vote for Bright Smiles!

Bright Smiles sees many children that have never been to the dentist and are in severe pain.

Bright Smiles is the stepping stone for the children to reducing severity and frequency of oral disease.

A healthy child will have improved school attendance, performance, have better confidence, and a lower cost of health care through their life time.

Bright Smiles is here to help the children in our community by helping those less fortunate or those that need help with more oral care and a big happy smile to share in return with the community. Their kind and caring staff are gentle and efficient when taking care of their patients from ages 3 years old through high school.

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