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Slide Show about Bright Smiles

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

Check out Bright Smiles 2 minute slideshow.

Bright Smiles helping children.

Bright Smiles provide positive preventive dental care for  children that need extra oral care because everyone deserves a healthy happy smile.

Did you know it has been estimated that 51 million school hours per year are lost because of dental-related illness alone.

This is all Preventable but resulted in an estimated over 1 million emergency visits that do nothing to help fix the pain.

Bright Smiles help your community in 2 ways:

First, we  help our community in collaborating and improving their health.

Second, we bring portable dental equipment to the people and offer preventive care,  oral education, and refer to dentist in their area to get their decay taken care of.

When we improve their oral health, we can bring their overall health care cost down.

When we started 8 years ago we helped 187 children in 5 schools and 3 counties.  Now we help over 3,000 children a year in oral care and over 7,000 a year with oral education.  We are now in 4 counties and 25 schools.

With Your Help We Can...

Help more children in need

Expand our services:

To under-served adults


Nursing homes

Veteran homes

Community centers Bright Smiles has provided  more than 15,000 children with affordable, high-quality, preventive dental care, providing the market equivalent of $4 million dollars in care for children in the last 8 years.

Thank You For Your Support!

Carol Newton, RDH, Founder

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