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Prevention & Outreach

Tooth decay is the leading disease for children and is preventable, especially when children receive routine clinical screenings and are taught proper oral hygiene.


The Prevention education program is geared towards educating school-age children in schools visited by the prevention team. Children learn about the importance of teeth, cavities and the tooth decay process as well as prevention tips.  These lessons empower children to make small changes that ultimately improve their overall health overtime.

Bright Smiles Oral Health Prevention Process Mobile Visit consists of:

  1. Screening – Children are screened by one of Bright Smiles’ Registered Dental Hygienist and signs of infection are recorded.

  2. Fluoride Varnish – Children receive fluoride varnish application, which reduces bacteria, strengthens teeth, and provides maximum protection from decay.

  3. Sealants – Children receive sealants from one of Bright Smiles’ Registered Dental Hygienists which are safe plastic coatings applied on top of the back teeth that protect teeth from cavities.

  4. Tooth cleaning - Children receive one on one oral hygiene instruction and shows the child how to remove all the plaque from their teeth.  During this the Registered Dental Hygienist removes all hard and soft deposits.

Referral – Children are referred to a dental clinic to receive further treatment or to establish a dental home to make routine visits every six months.  A parent education component is also offered at all? school sites.

Care Coordination – Parents who consent may also receive calls from care coordinators to help link them to dental homes to receive dental services for their children.



The Outreach education program is geared towards providing education to all children and their families. Education takes place in community centers, Head Starts, preschools, resource centers,  classrooms, etc., and children learn about the importance of teeth, cavities and the germs that cause them. In addition to learning  how to properly brush their teeth in a fun way! Parents are provided with resources to help find dental clinics in their areas.

Screening Request

For community event screenings and school-based prevention please fill out the form below.

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