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Bright Smiles November Newsletter

“Making Happy Smiles”

November Newsletter 2018

Let’s keep our smiles Healthy and Happy!

Keep your smile safe when playing winter sports and much more:

Kids and teens experience thousands of injuries on the playing field, ice hockey, skating and much more. Mouth guards help protect your teeth with these sports and with non contacts sports such as gymnastics too. You can get store bought, “ready-made” stock mouth guards, or a mouth forming, “boil & bite” mouth guards or have a custom-made mouth guard by your dentist. Remember to clean your mouth guard after each use with cold water and brush with a toothbrush. Keep stored in sturdy, perforated container so it can get air circulation. AND, store away from pets as they love to chew them up. Happy exercise!

And remember keep warm & smiling!

With heartfelt gratitude and thanks to our donors and supporters!

American Tooth Fairy- Donated a sealant light and fluoride treatments for 400 children.

Gilberts of Sand Creek - Steve Olson … For the last 5 years has donated a van to haul our equipment to the schools.

Walter Turner, DDS

From Pediatric Dentistry, Eau Claire, WI Donated fluoride treatments for 300 children.

Dr. Rena Christman, DMD, MPH

from River Valley Pediatric Specialist Chippewa Falls, WI. Donated 3,000 goodie bags, Chapstick, and floss to go home with every child we see. Dr Christman is also a referral dentist for our children.

I hope you enjoyed our November newsletter and found this information informative. If you have any questions or would like more information please contact us at or check us out at our facebook page at:

Thank you for reading and sharing.

Wishing you the best, Carol

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