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What is Bright Smiles all about?

Wondering what Bright Smiles is all about?

I had a delightful conversation recently with Rob Lowe, host of the Giving Back podcast. I have a heartfelt commitment to the Bright Smiles and I loved talking about Bright Smiles nonprofit and what we do along with training and a good mindset which are really key to give back in their communities. Rob's podcast shines the spotlight on the great work of charities and I invite you to hear our conversation on Bright Smiles here:

Carol Newton is the owner of Bright Smiles (Professional Dental Hygiene Express). Carol has been running a program called Bright Smiles for the last 8 years to help children who are in rural and impoverished neighborhoods with their oral care. Many of these children do not have the proper education it takes to care for their teeth, or even own a toothbrush! Here’s Carol’s story on how she plans to change that.

Just a few key points in the podcast:

Key Takeaways:

[4:35] Who is Carol and what does she do at Bright Smiles?

[7:20] What was it like applying for grants to get the funding Carol needed?

[8:25] Why is Carol so passionate about this subject?

[10:30] It sounds dramatic, but you can actually die from a tooth infection. Parents don’t take it seriously

.[11:55] Carol gives a shout out to her sponsor, Steve Olson!

[14:55] What’s it like for a child to go into a dentist’s office for the very first time? Are they scared?

[19:00] What kind of impact does this work have on Carol’s volunteers and team?

[21:25] The kids now get excited when the ‘dentist people’ show up at school.

[28:40] Carol had to go down the non-profit route to get the appropriate sponsorship and donors she needed to serve her community.

[29:25] How much does it cost to serve a child?

[36:15] What’s the best part of what Carol and her team do?

[40:00] Everything that happens in the mouth can be prevented with simple hygiene habits.[42:00] Carol has been collecting data for the state. What kinds of things is she tracking?[45:15] What’s next for Carol?

If you liked what you heard and would like to hear more good news that focuses on good people all around us doing amazing things to help others on the Giving Back podcast. It would definitely be worth subscribing to his podcast:

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